Create solutions tailored to your organisation

We work with partners around the globe to grow effective teacher recruitment and development practices. Building on a strong research-based and collaborative approach, we work alongside your organisation to tailor our core technologies to your specific needs, values, location, and context.

How we develop a new technology with you


We work with partners across the globe to develop scalable T-Insight courses for teachers, mentors and school leaders. Courses feature real-time, tailored feedback from experts and opportunities for ongoing reflection. Read some of our cases studies here.


T-Screen can be developed in multiple languages and for multiple contexts. Our approach brings together local experts with our in-house team to develop a selection test that is context-specific and culturally appropriate.


T-Select is a multiple mini-interview (MMI) assessment that gives you in-depth knowledge of applicants’ strengths and weaknesses. We will work closely with you to develop MMIs that assess the attributes most valued by your organisation


T-Attract is a new technology designed to attract and recruit teachers and school leaders into the profession. Using a ‘person-vocation fit’ approach, T-Attract uses ‘realistic job previews’ to identify high-quality teaching and leadership candidates.

Teacher Success research cycle

The consultancy cost will depend on the nature and length of the project. Please do get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our team. After the initial consultation phase (online or by phone), we’ll prepare a proposal for your consideration. You can read some of our case studies here.