Solutions for Governments and NGOs

TSP works with government ministries and NGOs to develop and test teacher recruitment and selection systems that are evidence-based and have a proven track record.

How we develop a new technology with you

Teacher Success research cycle

Our highly collaborative approach typically starts with the co-development of a conceptual framework which then guides the development stage. Content development follows, with a small team of your experts, facilitated by TSP team members. This can be done face to face or online. Data may then be collected through on-line surveys, for example, to set the scoring key for T-Screen or to seek further input from a wider group of stakeholders.

Products are then piloted with target groups, data is analysed by our in-house technicians and further refinements are often made. Ongoing analysis and reporting gives you rich data to support your organisational needs.

The consultancy cost will depend on the nature and length of the project. Please do get in touch to discuss your needs with our team.