T-Insight Level One (Early Years and Primary)

Immerse pre-service teachers in real-life classroom situations to build classroom competence and self-efficacy!

During this course pre-service teachers will develop a range of attributes identified as important for teaching in primary classrooms. They will engage with real-life scenarios they are likely to encounter in schools and receive real-time, tailored feedback and suggestions for practice from experienced teachers

Boosts confidence and classroom readiness

This course is designed to boost the confidence and competence of pre-service teachers. Pre-service teachers respond to a range of video- and text-based scenarios focused on early years and primary education, all in a low-risk virtual environment.

We know that starting teaching can be challenging so being prepared and understanding what to expect can be invaluable.

5 scenarios per module

Each module includes five scenarios where beginning teachers view the scenario, rate the appropriateness of three possible responses and write a brief rationale for each. Next, they find out how experienced teachers rated each response and most importantly why.

4 feedback reports are included

Feedback reports at the end of each module show new teachers their overall alignment with experienced teachers and include resources, readings and strategies for practice.

Why should organisations choose this course?

By providing real-time feedback from expert teachers, new teachers learn in a supportive and collaborative online environment and are then able to embed these principles into their own classrooms. T-Insight courses provide organisations with rich data to nurture new teachers and identify those who may need additional support.

There are four modules in this course:

Module One: Managing Behaviour: underlying reasons for disruptive behaviour, creating a positive classroom climate, modelling effective emotion management, being proactive in your approach

Module Two: Adapting Teaching: sensitively managing relationships with students,  peer learning, student engagement and participation in learning, different approaches for individual students, developing resilience, teaching self-regulation in students

Module Three: Time Management: establishing positive relationships with parents, drivers of workload, managing data effectively, joining professional networks, supporting students with health issues, teaching moments, flexible approaches to teaching & learning 

Module Four: Working with Colleagues: effective feedback to improve practice, developing trust and mutual respect, achieving a work-life balance, working with teaching assistants, the importance of asking for help and support

Once participants complete the course, they will be able to download a comprehensive report as well as a certificate of completion.




What did pre-service teachers who completed this course have to say?

What is included?

  • Access via a secure platform for one year, any time, anywhere
  • Technical support
  • Four feedback reports (one per module)
  • Real-time data insights for organisation
  • Final report and certificate of completion
  • Seminar guides for host institutions

What teaching attributes are developed?

Emotional Management

Emotion Management













Here is an example scenario:

Your pupils are sitting on the mat as you are reading them a story. One pupil, Emma, makes a silly comment with the deliberate intention of making the other pupils laugh. While the comment was not rude or offensive, the pupils are now distracted, and are laughing uncontrollably. Emma frequently behaves in this manner. What should you do?

Possible response: Send Jess into another class

Expert feedback:

By sending Jess into another room, you are communicating that you can’t cope with her behaviour and she will miss out on her learning.

Instead, rely on behaviour guidance to deal appropriately with Jess’ behaviour. Use this as consistently and fairly as possible.

Consider arranging a meeting with Jess’ parents or guardians to find out more about her. It may be that she needs extra support with her learning, home life or socio-emotional development.

Frequently Asked Questions

T-Insight courses have been developed in a coherent way to support the continuous professional development of teachers. Level One courses have been designed to suit pre-service teachers, with level two courses suited to trainees in the final stages of their training program as well as beginning teachers in schools.  Content has been carefully linked to developing teaching behaviours.

T-Insight courses support new teachers as they begin and continue their professional journey. It is cost-effective and research-proven to increase teaching confidence and reflective practice. T-Insight can also identify teachers who may need additional support. Modules can be completed at any time, anywhere in the world and have been tested with more than 10000 participants in the UK and Australia.

Courses develop non-academic competencies that are relevant for all teachers such as empathy & communication, resilience & adaptability and emotion management. The focus may vary across courses depending on the mix of scenarios presented.

Equally, T-Insight supports the acquisition of key teaching behaviours through engagement with authentic scenarios around core topics such as managing behaviour and adaptive teaching.


All of the classroom scenarios included in our products are developed through close partnerships with experienced teachers and educators working in the profession. The scenarios depict classroom situations that teachers have experienced or observed during their careers. As the scenarios are based on real classroom events, participants have the opportunity to critically reflect on how they might respond to a range of challenging situations they may encounter in their own classrooms in a low-risk and supportive environment. Scenarios are designed to be realistic, depicting situations that may happen within a classroom and providing responses that a person may reasonably be expected to do.

Hosting seminars in conjunction with the T-Insight courses is completely optional and depends on your requirements and preferences. However, guided group discussions can be a great way to encourage your students and/or staff to discuss the classroom scenarios and related educational concepts and issues in more depth. We offer resources and seminar guides that you can use to facilitate seminars following each T-Insight module that are designed to a) stimulate discussion amongst participants, b) enable participants to share multiple perspectives of teaching & learning, and c) further build participants’ teaching confidence and classroom readiness.

Organisations can log into their dashboard and view completions for all users

T-Insight courses are available on a license basis. The cost is on a per user basis and discounts are available for bulk purchases. Please get in touch with us to discuss your programme needs.