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Maybe they should all be cats? Designing a persuasive teacher recruitment game

October 2023

Featured in the BERA blog, 20 October 2023

by Rebecca Snell, Michael Saeger and Robert Klassen

Screenshot from TeachQuest Education Game. A teacher recruitment game.

The teaching workforce is looking increasingly unsettled, in a time when schools and students most need stability.

The exigent nature of STEM teacher recruitment in England is hard to miss, with headline-grabbing figures of only 17 per cent of the target number of physics teachers, and 30 per cent of computing teachers recruited in 2022 (UK Parliament Committees, 2023).

It is into this challenging terrain that our research, funded by the ESRC Education Research programme (PI: Rob Klassen, University of York), is taking us. Not only do we hope to better understand what is motivating young people – primarily undergraduates – into selecting their career paths, but also to craft a cutting edge, persuasive teacher recruitment game aimed at raising awareness of STEM teaching as a career choice.

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