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T-Insight: Adv Behaviour Management Course

Create classroom environments so all students succeed with our T-Insight advanced behaviour management course. Level- specific content. Ideal for early career teachers and Masters level / elective options within teacher education.

Get started

Once enrolled, participants will be sent an activation email. This will allow them to create a TSP account and access the course through the dashboard.

Course modules

Module One: Inclusive and positive interactions with students
This module focuses on building positive relationships with students. Expert teachers share how they create a stimulating learning environment where students are motivated, engaged and encouraged to try out new ideas.

Module Two: Behaviour for learning
This module focuses on how teachers can develop an awareness of their own behaviour in students. Expert teachers share strategies and approaches for motivating reluctant learners, making learning interesting and managing challenging behaviour.

Module Three: Preventing teacher burnout and handling stress
Burnout has always been a risk for teachers but the possibility of this has never been higher. Expert teachers share how they take charge of their own wellbeing, identify stress and how they manage it. The importance of teacher wellbeing is discussed and teachers learn some valuable ways to develop self-regulation skills.


Each module includes five scenarios where beginning teachers will view the scenario, rate the appropriateness of three possible responses and write a brief rationale for each. Next, they find out how experienced teachers rated each response and most importantly why.

Feedback reports

Feedback reports at the end of each module show new teachers their overall alignment with experienced teachers and include resources, readings and strategies for practice.


Once participants complete the course, they will be able to download a comprehensive report as well as a certificate of completion.

Track progress

Organisations can login to track participant progress, identify individuals in need of additional support and evaluate the effectiveness of the course by viewing individual and collective data.

Course resources

Hosting seminars in conjunction with the T-Insight courses is completely optional and depends on your requirements and preferences. However, guided group discussions can be a great way to encourage your students and/or staff to discuss the classroom scenarios and related educational concepts and issues in more depth. We offer resources and seminar guides that you can use to facilitate seminars following each T-Insight module that are designed to:

a) Stimulate discussion amongst participants

b) Enable participants to share multiple perspectives of teaching & learning

c) Further build participants’ teaching confidence and classroom readiness.