Our Research

We have conducted research with over 100,000 prospective teachers around the globe (in UK, Europe, Africa, and Australia). The foundation of high-quality research and our strong links to education and teacher development puts us in a strong position to deliver effective solutions to recruitment, selection, and development challenges.

Research and Development Process

Our solutions are characterised by high-quality research, a context-rich approach, and a grounding in ‘real-life’ practice.

We work closely with our partners to develop Teacher Succession and development tools that are relevant for multiple contexts and that ensure optimal reliability, validity, and fairness.

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Grounded in research. Connected to practice.Teacher Success research cycle

Research Publications

Our solutions are built on a strong foundation of evidence and are widely tested across contexts. Our research is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Below you can browse our research snapshots, which you can click on to view the full articles. You can also keep up to date with our research on Twitter and LinkedIn

Research related to T-Screen

Our research on T-Screen situational judgment tests (SJTs) shows that our tests are reliable and valid, with a good distribution of scores, meaning that it discriminates between higher- and lower-performing applicants.

Klassen, R. M., Kim, L. E., Rushby, J., & Bardach, L. (2020). Can we improve how we screen applicants for initial teacher education? Teaching and Teacher Education, 87, 102949.

Bardach, L., Rushby, J. V., Kim, L. E., & Klassen, R. M. (2020). Using video-based situational judgment tests for Teacher Succession: A quasi-experiment exploring the relations between test format, subgroup differences, and applicant reactions. European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology

Klassen, R.M., Durksen, T.L., Rowett, E., & Patterson, F. (2014). Applicant reactions to a situational judgment test used for selection into initial teacher training. International Journal of Educational Psychology, 3, 104-125. doi: 10.4471/ijep.2014.07

Research related to T-Insight

Research on T-Insight shows that our scenario-based learning intervention makes a significant impact on trainees’ classroom readiness and self-efficacy¬†before they enter the classroom.

Klassen, R., Bardach, L., Rushby, J. V., Maxwell, L., Durksen, T. L., & Sheridan, L. (2021). The development and testing of an online scenario-based learning activity to prepare preservice teachers for teaching placements. Teaching and Teacher Education. https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/sz2xy. 

Bardach, L., Klassen, R. M., Durksen, T. L., Rushby, J. V., Bostwick, K. C., & Sheridan, L. (2021). The power of feedback and reflection: Testing an online scenario-based learning intervention for student teachers. Computers and Education, 169, 104194.

Research related to teacher recruitment

Klassen, R., Bardach, L., Rushby, J., & Durksen, T. L. (2021). Examining teacher recruitment strategies in England. Journal of Education for Teaching, https://doi.org/10.1080/02607476.2021.1876501

Klassen, R. M., Granger, H., & Bardach, L. (2021). Attracting prospective STEM teachers using realistic job previews: A mixed methods study. European Journal of Teacher Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/02619768.2021.1931110


Book: Teacher Succession: Evidence-Based Practices

Our book on teacher recruitment!

Teacher Selection: Evidence-Based Practices (2021)

The book represents an essential reference guide for scholars, educational leaders and policymakers on the topics of teacher recruitment, selection, and development. Provides a roadmap for education organisations to improve teacher recruitment, selection, and development practices as a way to strengthen the education workforce.

Table of contents here.