A shortage of qualified teachers hampers education improvement in many parts of the world. Teacher shortages are particularly acute in certain subject levels (e.g., in STEM subjects) and in certain geographical contexts (e.g., in rural and remote settings). T-Attract is a teacher attraction/recruitment tool based on ‘person-environment fit’. It is a brief online intervention delivered to university students who may not have considered a teaching career.


We are developing and testing new ways to deliver realistic classroom scenarios and real-time teacher feedback to raise awareness of personal fit for teaching. This attribute-based recruitment project is aimed especially at students who may not have considered their ‘fit’ for a teaching career, or to encourage prospective teachers to consider geographical areas where there is a severe shortage.

We adopt a highly collaborative approach to design bespoke T-Attract software to meet the needs of your organisation.

Key features

  • T-Attract can be used to target specific areas of shortage (e.g., STEM subjects or geographical shortages).
  • Interventions can be tailored to fit your needs.
  • Research shows that T-Attract increases interest in participants who have not previously considered teaching as a career.
  • The intervention is a cost-effective strategy that can form part of your recruitment plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

T-Attract can be delivered online at any time, anywhere

T-Attract delivers a ‘fit message’ to participants using realistic job previews — video-based realistic teaching situations — that are enjoyable and memorable for participants

T-Attract interventions are brief and can be delivered in around 20 minutes.

Typically, education authorities use ‘social utility’ messages (e.g., the Every lesson shapes a life advertising campaign in the UK) or ‘personal utility’ messages (highlighting improved pay and working conditions) to promote teaching as an attractive career.

These approaches can be effective, but teacher shortages persist in many contexts, with predictions of more serious challenges to come, especially in key subject areas. One reason for recruitment challenges is that potential applicants may lack awareness about how their personal attributes (e.g., empathy, adaptability, motivation) align with the attributes necessary to build a successful teaching career.

T-Attract uses an ‘attribute-based’ attraction and recruitment strategy thathighlights the fit between the applicant and the teaching profession, similar to ‘values-based’ approaches used for recruitment in the NHS.

To find out how you can implement T-Attract in your organisation, contact our team at info@teachersuccess.co.uk.