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Visual depicting teacher recruitment and development tool.

Teacher recruitment & development tools

An iPad showing a video and questions underneath. This is an example of TSPs teacher recruitment & development tools.

Teacher recruitment & development tools

TSP is a leading provider of research-based teacher recruitment and development tools. Our solutions have been implemented across the globe with over 150,000 educators across all career stages.

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Experts in our field

In 2015 the European Research Council (ESRC) funded a ground-breaking research programme that gave rise to the Teacher Success Platform (TSP). Since our inception, ‘Teacher experts’ around the world have been working with us to gain a better understanding of universal teacher attributes that can be used to assess and support educators across the globe. We combine these attributes with selection method blueprints derived from research in other fields, particularly in the realm of medical education, which has a longstanding history of established selection methods. Our selection and development tools build upon educational psychology research on teacher effectiveness and are informed by extensive selection research and theory from organisational psychology.

Alongside our many partners involved in teacher education, our core team consists of experienced educators who work in early years, primary, and secondary school settings. We truly are ‘grounded in research’ and ‘connected to practice’. The team at TSP are constantly striving to innovate and eagerly adopt new technologies to help enhance our recruitment and development tools. A recent example, Teacher Coach, an AI supported teacher development tool. Teacher Coach promises to deliver a ‘just in time’ coaching solution for teachers at all career stages. The technology has exciting possibilities for application in rural and remote communities, where access to professional development can be challenging.

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“The TSP platform is integrated seamlessly and getting the real-time data insights helps our process move efficiently and effectively.”

Erie Lane
Selection Manager, Teach for Australia