Solutions for teacher education providers

To screen applicants: We understand the needs of teacher education providers. TSP can provide a data snapshot of your applicants’ ‘soft skills’ (with our T-Screen SJT) to streamline the selection process.

To meet the new Intensive Training and Practice requirement for UK ITT providers, T-ITaP modules focus on foundational aspects of the core curriculum framework such as behaviour management, adaptive teaching and professional behaviours in great depth.

To equip beginning teachers: Our award winning T-Insight courses use realistic classroom scenarios to build the confidence and competence of  beginning teachers so they can succeed and remain in the profession.


Identify the best candidates for your programs


T-Screen, a situational judgment test, is used to identify the best candidates for selection into your program. Tests are level-specific (early years / primary and secondary) and real-time scores are provided to help your decision-making.

T-Screen is cost-effective, scalable for large numbers of applicants, and can be delivered anywhere at anytime.

Focus on core curriculum in much greater depth


T-ITaP modules are built on a ‘scenario-based learning’ approach. In the classroom, there are a range of different strategies and approaches that teachers can use in various situations. Similarly, T-ITaP modules immerse trainees in ‘near-world’ scenarios focused on foundational aspects such as behaviour management and adaptive teaching where they need to think through possible ways to respond, reflect on their choice and find out what experienced teachers would do and most importantly why.


Deliver personalised learning support through engagement with classroom scenarios





T-Insight courses present beginning teachers with authentic teaching scenarios where they (a) address multiple classroom challenges, (b) reflect on their strengths and areas for development, and (c) receive instant and tailored feedback from experienced teachers. This feedback helps embed key teaching attributes such as empathy, organisation, resilience and adaptability. Organisations receive detailed feedback on early career teacher growth and development.