Experience the realism of the classroom 

Courses have been carefully designed and tested to offer opportunities for teachers to engage with realistic scenarios focusing on foundational aspects of teaching in great depth.

Courses are built on a solid foundation of recent and relevant research.

 T-ITaP courses support providers to meet the new Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Intensive Training and Practice (ITaP) requirement in England.

T-ITaP courses are built on a ‘scenario-based learning’ approach. In the classroom, there are a range of different strategies and approaches that teachers can use in various situations. Similarly, T-ITaP immerse teachers in ‘near-world’ scenarios where they need to think through possible ways to respond, reflect on their choice and find out what experienced teachers would do and most importantly why.

Immerse teachers in 'near-world' scenarios

Key Features

  • Phase-specific content (secondary modules include scenarios across subject areas)
  • Online engagement with 20 authentic teaching scenarios per course
  • Animated scenarios to increase engagement
  • Immediate and tailored feedback from expert teachers
  • Access everything via ‘My dashboard’
  • Real-time data insights for host organisations
  • Research-informed design
  • Trainees receive a feedback report at the end of each session and a final report on completion of the module
  • Certificate of completion

Why should  providers choose T-ITaP courses?

  • Seamless delivery for any number of teachers
  • Integrated online assessments to track teacher competencies and identify those needing additional support
  • Effectively builds teachers’ understandings of evidence-based theory and the links to practice
  • Flexible delivery
  • Mapped against  ITT Core Curriculum Framework
  • Comprehensive course materials designed by teachers and teacher educators
  • Cost effective; discounts for multiple courses


How it works

T-ITaP courses include four online, immersive modules, with pre and post activities detailed in each course outline. Providers can select as many or as few activities and tasks as suits their organisational needs.  Courses could be delivered as an intensive block or once/twice a week over a given term. Host organisations can monitor teachers’ progress effortlessly via their dashboard.

Here’s how each module is organised:

Introduce:                       Lecture or tutorial, with all slides and notes included

Analyse:                          Online engagement with five scenarios including expert feedback

Prepare & Reflect:         Reflective journal, articles, and readings for group discussions

Enact:                              Group seminars, role plays, micro-teaching sessions and more; all fully resourced

All resources will be available via TSP’s secure platform for host organisations

Available courses



Behaviour Management

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Session One       Building relationships with students

Session Two       Behaviour for learning

Session Three.   Managing challenging behaviour

Session Four.     Whole school approaches to behaviour management

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Adapting Teaching

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Session One       Understanding difference

Session Two       Targeted support

Session Three    Flexible grouping and other approaches

Session Four      Supporting students with additional needs

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Professional Behaviours

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Session One.      Reflective Practice

Session Two       Building effective relationships with colleagues

Session Three    Building effective relationships with parents and carers

Session Four      Wider school responsibilities

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Session One       Developing a culture of mutual respect and trust

Session Two       Inclusive practices

Session Three    Celebrating diversity and challenging stereotypes


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