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T-Screen: How it works

T-Screen provides an assessment of applicants behavioural characteristics such as empathy, adaptability, resilience and mindset using a range of context-rich scenarios. Our research in multiple countries shows that T-Screen is reliable, minimises bias and predicts future teaching success.

Get started

Once enrolled, participants will be sent an activation email. This will allow them to create a TSP account and access the course through the dashboard.

Options for different career stages

  • Selection for Initial Teacher Education (ITE), primary
  • Selection for Initial Teacher Education (ITE), secondary
  • Selection for beginning teaching, primary
  • Selection for beginning teaching, secondary


Includes a mix of video animation and text scenarios. Scenarios depict situations a beginning teacher will typically experience but no prior knowledge of teaching is required. T-Screen helps applicants understand what to expect from a teaching career.

Fast & flexible

Our timed assessments typically take between 35-45 mins to complete. T-Screen can be used flexibly to complement existing selection processes either for screening purposes or during selection days to provide an indication of applicants’ situational judgment and non-academic competencies.

Assessed behaviour characteristics

While some behavioural characteristics may be context-specific, those assessed by T-Screen are relevant across countries and different educational contexts.

An example of the T-Attract technology on an iPad.

Real-time scores

Organisations receive real-time scores so they are able to make time sensitive offers.

Feedback Reports

Organisations decide if and when applicants will receive feedback. Results are normally shared with applicants as a quartile, indicating how they performed relative to their peers.