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TSP in 2022!

January 2022

The Christmas break has come and gone, with children heading back to school and people reluctantly returning to work. Let’s talk to our team about what they got up to over Christmas and their hopes for 2022.

Rob, how was your Christmas break?

Overall it was pretty good – we really enjoyed being at home and gathering as a family. We had our annual Christmas Crokinole tournament (best Canadian game ever, see here) although very sadly, I was not the champion this year. We went on some lovely walks in the Yorkshire countryside.  Most of our family was able to join us for Christmas, but one of our three kids and his partner weren’t able to join us due to Covid, so that was a bit sad (it was the first time he’s not been with us). On the bright side, another of our kids got engaged, so that was really exciting!

What is something that you’re particularly looking forward to this year?

Work-wise, I’m looking forward to starting some new projects using innovative technologies. One of these projects is focused on developing more effective and efficient Teacher Succession processes, and will include colleagues in Computer Science and Health Sciences. Another new project on the horizon involves our partners in Australia and will develop and test the tools to develop educational leaders. On the home front, I’m looking forward to a family wedding and the possibility of doing a walking holiday in Switzerland and Italy; my wife, Lenore, and I are hoping to start on parts of the 1800km Via Francigena in May, fingers crossed!

Professor Rob Klassen is the Director of TSP.

Liz, did you have a good Christmas?

This year, Christmas involved a lot of eating and a lot of zoom calls. We have family in Australia, America and the UK so spend a lot of time catching up virtually. We had a change of scene and visited Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales, Knaresborough and a dog-friendly hotel stay in Scarborough on the Yorkshire Coast; all easily reached from York within an hour or less.

What are your plans for 2022?

Travel, travel, travel!! My daughter is off on a school skiing trip to Austria in April, so we’re heading to Spain (San Sebastian and Bilbao) for an ‘adult’ holiday. In May, we’re off to Rome for a long weekend to meet up with Australian family (I just love how we can do that from the UK) and then off to Portugal in summer with about 15 family members… all Covid-permitting of course

Liz Maxwell is the Educational Consultant for TSP.

Laura, did you manage to have a well-deserved break over Christmas?

My break was really nice. I managed to get tonnes of reading done that I hadn’t had the time to do last term and even read a few books for fun! I also got some new running shoes for Christmas so I spent a lot of time exploring the woods and trails around where I live.

You’re now nearing the end of your PhD, are you excited to finish?

I’m definitely excited to see what comes next but when you have spent so long on the same project the thought of moving on can seem a little daunting. When I’ve finished I’m really keen to be able to get working on new projects that have a focus on participatory research, so that is definitely spurring me on.

Laura Fox is a doctoral candidate and Research Technician for TSP.

Jade, what were your plans for Christmas and New years?

It was wonderful to be able to spend Christmas with family this year. We spent Christmas day at my grandparents’ house and visited my partner’s family after Christmas. So, the festive break involved eating far too much food and chocolate (but that’s allowed at Christmas, right?). Unfortunately, half of our family were ill over the break so were unable to join us, but we provided a ‘meals on wheels’ service and delivered Christmas dinner to their house and virtually celebrated together. We also went on some nice walks, visited close friends, and went to a Christmas light show at Wollaton Park that got us in the festive spirit.

How are you getting on with your PhD?

This year will be an exciting year in my PhD. After starting my PhD remotely from the UK in 2020 due to Covid travel restrictions, it is finally looking like my partner and I will be able to move to Sydney early this year (fingers crossed!). We are looking forward to this new, although slightly daunting, adventure; and it will be great to finally meet my supervisors and the research team in person and explore a different country. I’m particularly looking forward to this year in my PhD project, as it will involve working with experienced educators to develop realistic classroom scenarios for a scenario-based learning module for early career teachers ready to pilot towards the end of this year.

Jade Rushby is a doctoral candidate and Research Technician for TSP.

Adam, did you do anything exciting over Christmas?

My birthday is actually on New Years Eve, so this time of year is always very lively in our house! It’s always nice to take a break from work and studying to spend time with family. This year was especially fun because my partner came over from Spain and I got to spend my birthday with him, which was lovely. He even got us matching Christmas jumpers!

Do you have any resolutions for 2022?

I tend to make unrealistic resolutions around this time of year, so this year I’m just going to say that I would like to read more! I always find it ironic that as a literature graduate I rarely sit down and read for pleasure, so I’m going to try and change that this year. And of course I also want to make sure I do my best work for TSP and in my MA!

Adam Kirkbride is the Project Coordinator for TSP.